Project List

Topics Approved
VHS — Mike R.
Passenger Elevator–Kyle
Air Conditioning–Patrick
Gum –Sara K.
Wright Airplane–Samantha W.
Electric Guitar — Scott B.
Air Bag–Matt S.
Franklin Stove — Megan Mc.
Insecticide — Jenn A.
Cassette — Matt B.
Atari — Kevin G.
Baseball bat — Jeff R.
Blue Jeans — Stephanie L.
Smoke Detector–Megan G.
Mouse–Kathleen M.
Polio vaccine — Meagan B.

Topics in Process

Vacuum Cleaner–Pam P.
Hearing Aid — Sheri F.
Windshield Wiper–Josh W.
Heart Monitor/Pacemaker–Kris S.
Sneakers — Will D.
Chemo/psychotropic drugs–Nicole S.

Topics not approved for lack of scholarly/primary sources, not being primarily American in origin/implementation, or overlapping with existing/previous topics or class lectures:

  • washing machine, DVD, iPod, phonograph, web offset printing, printing, x-ray, film/camera, CD-ROM, tape recorder, calculator, cash register, Coca-cola, M&Ms, Teddy Bears, piano, Walkman
  • Anything listed on the syllabus or in last year’s group of projects.